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Enjoying & Rebalancing - Duffy's & Congressional Cemetery

Enjoying & Rebalancing - Duffy's & Congressional Cemetery

Welcome to Duffy's East Capitol Hill. We are proud to present Congressional Cemetery as our Recipient in

Congressional Cemetery is a Historic Landmark area on Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. Founded in 1807, Historic Congressional Cemetery is quite literally rooted in the soil of the Hill East Neighborhood.

  • An urban oasis near the Anacostia River Watershed, its 35 acres are filled with diverse flora and fauna.
  • Delivering 3,300 tons of Carbon Capturing every year*
  • Its landscape boasts over 25 species of trees, including multiple variations of cherry blossoms.
  • Animal inhabitants include skinks, squirrels, Cooper's hawks, and bees, which occupy the cemetery's busy apiary.
  •  In 2024, Congressional achieved the status of a Level I Arboretum and remains a pesticide free environment.

Committed to environmental preservation as a core component of their non-profit mission, the cemetery provides communal green space for the community to gather and celebrate life.

Let's Rebalance our Environmental Impact together with Support for Land Protection at Congressional Cemetery.

With your Sponsorship, knowing you have made a Direct and Active Contribution to Future Sustainability for All, nurturing:

 Cleaner Watertable.

Play Areas Free from Harming Chemicals.

Carbon Capturing

Biodiversity Replenishing

Zero Harming.

Visit us for more Information on Congressional Cemetery

*Visit the 0eero (pron: zero) Foundation Land Protection Carbon Capturing Calculator.

Our Non-Profit Approach maximizes the Future Sustainability Value from our Authenticated & Certified Direct Support for Land and Watershed Areas nurturing Carbon Capturing & Biodiversity Replenishing,


Thank you. 

Duffy's East Capitol Hill and

 Share your Direct Rebalancing Sponsorship Post on your Socials. is an initiative of the 0eero Foundation.

Registered 501c3 Charitable Organization; 92-180 8337.

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