Individual and Local Actions supporting Global Targets for the Protection of 30% of Land Areas by 2030.

Putting the Protection of Zero Harmed-Sustainability Nurturing Land into the hands of people everywhere

Project30x30 is a Nonprofit initiative of the 0eero Foundation (ID number 92 180-8337).

Nature's Sustainability Superchargers need to be Protected

Zero Harmed Areas are Sustainability Superchargers delivering vital -

Carbon Capturing, Biodiversity Replenishing & Watertable Cleansing.

Project30x30 is a Local Action platform to put this Protection into our hands.

Rebalancing our Individual or Organization Environmental Impact as we do so. puts Rebalancing into your Hands. 100% Direct, Effective & Easy.

The Safe Future Target of the Protection of 30%x2030 is Supported by 190+ countries.

We are here to help all Play a a Direct Part in our Local Areas.

Allowing each of us to Protect Zero Harmed land nurturing Carbon Capturing, Biodiversity Replenishing and Watertable Cleansing.

This is the Triple Bottom Line for a Safe Future Life for All.

Just Direct Support for those Protecting and Nurturing the Resources for Future Sustainability.

100% Direct. 100% of the Time.

Sponsor Land Protection to Rebalance

Direct Acre Sponsorship to Rebalancing your Environmental Impact today. Starting from 1/4 Arce, the Land Protected in our Initiative supports Authenticated Areas that Protect Civic Spaces to deliver the Triple Future Sustainability Supercharging Effect. 

Putting you in control.

Our Platform releases Direct Support for those Nurturing Future Sustainability.

Supporting Local Land Protectors & Clean-Up Orgs everywhere.

Easy-to-use range of flexible solutions is provided.

Nonprofit platform delivers transparency and accountability.

Select and Support Future Sustainability on your terms.

No Profiteering Third Parties or Downstream Derivative Resellers. Ever.

Foundacres Appeal - gofundme

Please Support our Foundacres Campaign.

This Appeal is central to Allow us to grow and continue to build a Digital Platform to would welcome your participation.

We are an Unaided Organization.

We are a Registered 501c3 Nonprofit Charity and Recognized by both PayPal and GoFundMe. Our Federal EIN ID #92-1808337.