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The 0eero Foundation

Project30x30 Zero Harmed (Ø/Zero/0eero) Band

Project30x30 Zero Harmed (Ø/Zero/0eero) Band


Every Ø (zero) Band Worn Supports the Direct Protection of Authenticated Sustainability Acres.  

Why does this matter? 

Sustainability Acres are Zero Harmed (from man-made substance damage) Areas scattered across Earth protected by Local Communities and Guardians. 

Collectively, they are Ranked Number One for the Protection of Carbon Sinks (delivering Carbon Capture) and the Replenishment of Biodiversity Ecosystems. 

They are the most Valuable Resource on the Planet to deliver Future Sustainability. 

Q. How Important is this Issue? 

It is the most important issue facing each of us today. Without Protecting these Sustainability Acres - there is no Safe Future Life on Earth. 

What is our Solution?

Putting Direct Support for those Communities & Guardians that need our Help to Protect Sustainability Acres into the Hands of People and Teams Everywhere.

No consultants. No profit centers. 

Simple. Direct. In Clear View. Support for Authenticated Acres delivering Carbon Capture and Biodiversity Replenishment.

What is the Impact of Wearing a Ø (zero) Band?

Safeguard the Assets providing a Safe Future Life for All. 

Rebalance Our Lifestyles. Go a small, yet powerful way, to  direct meaningful difference to redress the impact of our choices and our consumption.

Provides our Campaign with Support needed to grow and nurture Protection of Sustainability Acres.

Can I really play a part and change the Future?

Yes. 100%.Personal Steps & Actions matter. A great deal.

 Amplifying our Personal Support for the Protection of the Most Critical Land Areas delivering a Safe Future Life for All will deliver fundamental positive results. 

The Amplification of a Personal Action is the most important element in an Awareness Campaign, It is invaluable.

A Safe Future Life for All is in Our Hands. 

Our Appeal to Join Us

We are currently unaided. We are appealing to the potential of this Community to Help Us to Grow.

Join Us by Wearing a Ø (zero) Band - Releasing and Nurturing the Potential of the Sustainability Acres found in every corner.  

We are a Registered 501(c)(3) Organization in the USA. Federal Tax ID #92-1808337.

Our Organization Details are found here. All Donations are Tax Deductible. within the Legal Parameters. A Donation Receipt will be issued for your records.

Thank You.

The Ø (zero) Team 


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